An Approach to Well-Being

An Approach to Well-Being

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Last month’s meeting had a little bit of everything (air, water, light, food, etc.) for everybody (CSI, IFMA, Haworth, Amway, etc.) as we had a packed house at Rockford Construction’s new office building complex at the corner of First Street and Seward Avenue.  Just a few buildings over from this location, Rockford is also working on a couple more craft beer breweries along Bridge Street near Broadway Ave.   I can’t wait until we have a CSI tour through these breweries and sample some of the product.  This was a joint meeting with IFMA as well as some extra guests that Rockford Construction had invited.  The presentation was given by Rachael Cash of The Haworth Corporation.  Unfortunately, she could not send me a copy of her Power Point Slides so I’ll have to rely on my very meager notes and rapidly fading memory.  Rachael was introduced to the large group (61 total attendees) by Rockford’s Vice President of Healthcare Projects, Bill Culhane.

Haworth Corporation is known for its office system products as being at the top rung of the ladder in quality and wellness.  The workplace not only offers a nice building and pleasant surroundings for the employees to have a welcoming environment to work within, but must aid all employees to maintain their bio-sustainability.  Just as the LEEDS sustainability program is to the quality of construction material standards, another set of standards known as the “WELL Building Standards” are based on the wellness and health aspects of employee interaction.  There are 7 concepts of WELL which are all coordinated to overcome the 3 main risks that are inherent in most workplaces.  These risk are mainly stress, lack of physical activity, and the “biggest bug-a-boo” of all, namely “obesity” (pun intended).  The seven concepts of WELL are 1) air, 2) water, 3) foods, 4) light, 5) fitness, 6) comfort, and 7) mind in action.  One small example of how light interacts with your body’s wellbeing has shown that a “red light” surrounding increases the level of melatonin in the human system causing greater levels of irritability.  Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland in inverse proportion to the amount of light received by the retina which regulates the body biorhythms, while a “blue light” is more calming.  People are the most important and expensive asset of any organization.  Staff costs (including salaries and benefits) typically account for 90% of a business’ operating expense.  It’s no wonder that employees who work in a company that follows the concepts and precepts of WELL are happier and more productive.

Our host for the evening, Bill Culhane, also took the time to give a short tour of their few offices after the program was finished.  The CSI Board members unfortunately had to miss out on the tour because we went immediately into our monthly Board Meeting.  During the Board Meeting, the employees of Rockford Construction could be seen and heard in the courtyard outside of the Main Board Room doing their exercises as part of Rockford’s Wellness Program.

The following CSI members and guests were in attendance:
Otniel Angulo Century A&E
Charlie Appleby MWA Firestone
Ed Avink Progressive AE
Gary Biemers GB Consulting
Dale Cammenga Progressive AE
Jim Collins C2AE
Pat Corderman Rockford Constr.
J. Costen J2 Sales
Stan Elenbaas Erhardt Constr.
Dan Goodman Tubelite
Fred Hall (Emeritus) consultant
Brad Hayden Tremco
Jim Hojnacki (Emeritus) AEIC
Lucas Holwerda (guest) C2AE
Jennifer McCormick Daltile
Jeff Murphy Progressive AE
Chris Orme The Eisen Group
John Turner (guest) Vos Glass
Jay VanDuren GMB
Keith VandenBerg (guest) Erhardt Constr.
The following IFMA members and guests were also in attendance:
Nancy Beelen (guest) Veritiv
Bill Boglitsch (guest) CBRE
Brett Butler Progressive AE
Mike Buys Dematic Corp.
Carl Chapman Padnos Iron & Steel
Tabetha Cosier (guest) Quality Air
Alison Dekok Interphase Interiors
Phillip Decesare Amway Corp.
Kelly Grove (guest) Veritic
Jason Gyorki (guest) JLL
Ed Hassenrik VanDam & Krusinga
Steve Horner Heart of W. M. United Way
Kyle Johnson City of grand Rapids
James Johnson GMB Arch. & Engr.
Jolyn Kruger (guest) DJ’s Landscape Mgmt.
Ken Lobbes (guest) River City Flooring
Tom Manikowski (guest) Haworth Corp.
Shawn Olger Howley Agency Sales Co.
Lee J. Ott Macatawa Bank
Keniv Pasma River City Flooring Design Studio
Jeremy Petersen Amway Corp.
Darin Piippo Triangle Assoc.
Scott Rantala JLL
Patricia Ryan (guest) JLL
Jon Rozema Macatawa Bank
Randy Rietema (guest) Amway Corp.
Jaime Rueffer Amway Corp.
Thomas Schmidt Haworth Corp.
Mike Seelhoff (guest) Diversified Spec Sales
Matt Sleper (guest) Diversified Spec Sales
Matthew Smith Holland Home
Ron Snoeyink (guest) GMB A/E
Rob Terpstra (guest) Haworth Corp.
Lori Weiler Summit Lawn Care & Snow Plowing
Mike Weiler (guest) Summit Lawn Care & Snow Plowing
Michael Westrick (guest) Amway Corp
Tracy Winget (guest) Amway Corp.

Author: Christopher Alexander

Christopher is a registered Architect and Architectural Revit Coordinator at Progressive AE in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In addition to Revit and BIM, he dapples in web design, CSI, and enjoys spending time with his wife, 4-year-old, and 1-year-old.

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