Certification Education

Certification Education

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Education and certification are one of the Construction Specifications Institute main tenants. There are a variety of Certifications offered through the Institute which can apply to a variety of roles and positions. You can find out more about these Certifications from the National website: CSIResources.org.

This is the time of year to start your consideration, as the first testing window starts March 27th with Early Registration opening January 9th. Registration can be completed on the National website above. If you are interested in any Certifications or extending your knowledge with CSI, please use the link to find out more about each of the Certifications available to find which would be your best fit.

As many of you have likely heard, this winter Ed Avink will not be teaching the CDT training classes which normally take place starting in late January and early February and run through March. The information for the test and the new resources are available, but if you are looking for the class as preparation, then please stay tuned, as we will provide information as possible.

This year the Great Lakes Region will be providing study sessions for the CCPR Certification Test. This will be comprised of seven classes starting Friday, February 16th and occur weekly until Friday, March 30th. The course will have a kick-off conference call February 9th at 12:00pm EST.


Author: Charlie Appleby

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