Scholarship Recipients


The CSI Chicago Student Affiliate committee presented its $1,000 scholarship award to IIT student Karla Garcia this year.
There were a few standout projects, but the thoughtfulness of Karla’s submission is what made her the award winner this year. Her Perry Avenue Farm- H2O Garden project showed a clear understanding of not only how to define and detail these systems, but also how to manipulate, reuse and combine materials to contribute to the core function of her project. The building was designed to harvest natural resources, including sun and rain, to not only provide a space for people to learn and interact, but to also double as a place for localized food production in one of Chicago’s South neighborhoods.

This year’s award is sponsored by SJ Mallein, Co.

Karla Garcia’s Biography

Karla_Garcia_Headshot.jpgI was born in Guatemala, and I lived there for twenty-one years. I graduated from high school in 2006, at the age of 18. A few months after graduation, I decided I wanted to be an architect, since in my high school years I had taken construction and drawing courses. I did not know much about architecture, but I knew there was something