Grand Rapids Chapter Leadership

Grand Rapids Chapter Leadership

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This article is the second in a series for the next year outlining the roles and responsibilities of our Chapter leadership (Board Members and Committees).  We encourage all our members to consider a leadership role in our Chapter. The experience is rewarding and your help is greatly appreciated.  If you are interested in a leadership role in our chapter, please contact me –

So let’s start from the top with our Chapter President. Like a good spec section, this position is actually is a three-parter – President-Elect, Chapter President, and Immediate Past President and a three year commitment.

PART 1 – PRESIDENT-ELECT (PE)  This is your first one-year term.  Responsibilities include:

·         Assisting and filling in for the Chapter President as you prepare for assuming that role the following year. 

·         You will also be expected to chair or participate in one of our Chapter leadership committees (more on those in future articles).

PART 2 – PRESIDENT  This is your second one-year term.  Responsibilities include:

·         Overall leadership of the Chapter Board and Committees.

·         Presiding over monthly Chapter Board meetings.

·         Working with the Chapter Secretary to prepare the monthly Chapter Board meeting agenda.

·         Working with the Chapter Treasurer to prepare a draft of the Chapter Budget.

·         Prepare a monthly “President’s Message” for the Chapter newsletter.

·         Participating in four (4) Regional Board Meetings (Go-to-Meetings) as the Chapter Director.

PART 3 – IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT (IPP) This is your third and final one-year term on the Board. Responsibilities include:

·         Acting as an advisor to the Chapter President and Board.

·         Chairing the Nominating Committee and preparing a slate of new officers for April elections.

Additional Responsibilities: 

·         Attendance to monthly Chapter Board Meetings (9-10 annually).

·         As part of your presidential terms, you are a member of the Chapter Executive Committee (Chapter President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer). 

·         You are encouraged to attend the annual Great Lakes Regional Conferences for training.

·         You are encouraged to represent the Chapter at CONSTRUCT (CSI Annual Convention) during your presidential term.

Nomination Considerations:  Candidates for the position of President ( are generally selected from members who have served or are currently on the Chapter Board so to have a basic understanding of the responsibilities and workings of the Board, Chapter and CSI.

Author: Christopher Alexander

Christopher is a registered Architect and Architectural Revit Coordinator at Progressive AE in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In addition to Revit and BIM, he dapples in web design, CSI, and enjoys spending time with his wife, 4-year-old, and 1-year-old.

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