Looking forward

Looking forward

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Congratulations, we made it through January one of the most brutally cold months in history.  Good news is they tell me we are only about 60 days from Spring.  It can’t come soon enough for my taste.  Informal polling with customers, GC’s, Architects and Building Owners indicates that we will have another strong year in construction.  Most companies are in a hiring mode and investing in equipment as well as personnel and training.  Employees are in a better position with wages and benefits, so that all seems to be headed in the right direction for individuals.

On the CSI chapter front, we are excited about upcoming programs and events in 2018 with the Golf Outing and other initiatives.  We are making headway dialing-in our technology and website capabilities.  We will soon be able to offer advertising and other features via the website.

Please help us promote the Scholarship Programs as we have the resources to assist our youth to get into our industry. 

Once again, I challenge every member to invite a friend or coworker to our meetings, I challenge every member to get involved if you are not already.  We are always looking for volunteers to join our committees including golf committee, membership committee, and the Design and Construction Expo Committee.

I look forward to seeing everyone at our upcoming meetings, travel safe, stay warm and thank you for your support of our Grand Rapids CSI Chapter.

Respectfully Submitted,

Charlie Appleby CSI, CCPR

Author: Charlie Appleby

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