Minutes of the Board of Director's Meeting – January 2010

Minutes of the Board of Director's Meeting – January 2010

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Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
Grand Rapids Michigan Chapter
Construction Specifications Institute
January 14, 2010

Present:Dawn McDaniel, Director President
Dave Trudell Certification Chair report
Bill Smith Director Alliances/Awards/Expo Chair
Ed Avink Technical/Electronic Com Co- Chair/ Newsletter Editor
Pete DeJong Program Chair
Larry Olson, Director Treasurer/Golf Committee Chair
Charlie Appleby Director Expo/Product Show Chair
Dave Turner Education Chair/ Academic Liason
Lisa Berryman Director Secretary
Jim Hojnacki Membership Co-Chair
Absent: Gary Beimers, Director Web/Electronic Chair
Brian Moynihan, Director Membership Chair

Quorum: A quorum was present at this meeting.
Meeting was called to order by President Dawn McDaniel at 4:35 at the Pinnacle Center in
Secretary – Lisa Berryman
Larry moved to accept the December minutes and Dave Turner seconded the motion
Membership Report – Brian Moynihan Co Chair Jim Hojnacki
Nothing added to report submitted.
Product Expo – Charlie Appleby
We have 38 booths reserved 20% of which was done through Paypal. Currently working on the
graphics for the expo flyers going out.
Programs Chair – Pete DeJong
Nothing in addition to his report. Still looking at alternative venues for monthly meetings.
Alliance’s – Bill Smith
No Report
Web & Electronic Reports – Gary Beimers
A committee is being formed to review our current website and see if it makes sense to bring our
chapter website in to the national site as a subpage or leave ours as a stand alone site. If we
leave our site as a stand alone the site will be revisited to ensure it still meets the chapter needs.
Tenative committee members Gary Beimers, Larry Olsen, Lisa Berryman.
Education Academic Report – Dave Turner
No report. Karen LaRew from Ferris University will be presenting on their endowment program at
the end of tonights board meeting.
Treasurers Report- Larry Olson
Budget on track, Dave Turner made a motion to receive last months budget report and Charlie
Appleby seconded the motion. We talked about chapter dues amount student, retired and regular
members. Larry is working on requirements for the Ferris Endowment, he hopes to finalize this at the March Board Meeting and cut the check to Ferris at the March 25th Expo. Larry is still
exploring other courses for the summer golf outing this year.
Newsletter – Ed Avink
No report
Certification Report – Dave Trudell
No additions to report.
Advertising and Presidents Report – Dawn McDaniels
Need to send call out to membership base to seek new officers for next years board. Region
conference will be here in Grand Rapids 2011.
The meeting was adjourned at 5:52
Next Board Meeting: February 11 2010 4:30 pm at the Pinnacle Center in Hudsonville.
The above constitutes my understanding of items discussed and/or decisions made. If
there are any additions or corrections, please contact me.
Lisa Berryman CSI Grand Rapids Secretary

Author: Christopher Alexander

Christopher is a registered Architect and Architectural Revit Coordinator at Progressive AE in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In addition to Revit and BIM, he dapples in web design, CSI, and enjoys spending time with his wife, 4-year-old, and 1-year-old.