Scholarship Golf Outing

Scholarship Golf Outing

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I added a little extra something above this year with three sub-headlines giving you some teasers on what you will read below.  Also the first letter of each line spell out words thanking the Greek and Roman Goddesses who control the skies or weather.  Neither Greek nor Roman Mythology has a special goddess of the weather, however, they each have the Mother of The Sun and Goddess of “All That Glitters.”  The Greeks named theirs Theia while the Romans named theirs Thea.  Yes!  The Weather Goddess was GOOD!


We had 21 four-somes (84 total) at the Thornapple Pointe Golf Club for our “??” Annual Scholarship Golf Outing.  Confusion abounds as to how many Scholarship Outings we have actually had to date.  The very first golf outing we had was in 1989 and that was verified from actual Chapter Minutes.  The very first mention that it was a “Scholarship Outing” was in 2001 and that was verified from my personally itemized “Listing of Titles” for my monthly articles.  The cover story for our June, 2001 Newsletter also stated, “The first scholarship award for the 2001-2001 Academic year will be given out at the 16th Annual Golf Outing to be held at English Hills Golf Club.”  That first student winner was Eric Balkon, who graduated from Calvin Christian H.S., and would be attending Ferris State University in their Construction Management Program in the Fall.  Interestingly, the CSI Academic Affairs Chairman who made that first presentation is now himself a returning CSI member (Rick Willinger), coming back to the CSI fold after a long absence.  My old computer logs and my 3-ring binders filled with hard copies my published STUFF will attest to these numbers.  Therefore, we have had a total of 28 previous outings and not 32.  The terminology for “Scholarship” has only been used for half of that total, or 16 years.  I hope that this little explanation will solve that matter once and for all.  Now, let’s get back to this year’s “Seventeenth Annual Scholarship Golf Outing.”


In previous years, we always had anywhere from three on up to nine Scholarship Applications.  This year we only received one application.  When we send out these applications, the rules are very clear as to what the Scholarship Review Committee is looking for.  I have been part of that Review Committee almost every year since it began.  Whatever the reason was this year, we only had one student who completely filled out the Scholarship Application Forms and within the prerequisite time limits that our CSI Chapter Scholarship Committee has agreed upon.  And this year’s Scholarship Award Winner, Megan Zapoli, will be going to Lawrence Inst. of Technology to complete her Master’s Degree in Architecture.  Out on the golf course, she even proved that she was equal to the task as a competitive golfer, as she was the winner of the Longest Putt on Hole No. 17.  Other ladies also excelled out on the course.  Morgan Atallah actually won both “Long Drive” holes and she had the option of choosing which hole for her prize.  All day long, most of her drives were so long and so high, that her ball was still rising as it left the Troposphere.   “You Go Girls! “


The Winning Team in our “Scramble Format” was the Inpro Team consisting of Ben Buter, Gregg Jones, Brad Hawkins, and Bryan Miller with a Low Gross score of 51 – TWENTY-ONE UNDER!  That was TWENTY-TWO STROKES BETTER than the last place team and FOUR STROKES BELOW the winners of the last two years.  The former winners of the Low Gross Score for the previous two years in a row (FFI Transportation) did not repeat for the third time this year because they were entered in the “Gus Macker Tournament” in Ludington and had a scheduling conflict.  It took a little searching through my old newsletter articles, but the previous LOW GROSS SCORE was 52 back in 2009, shot by the Builders Exchange Team of Bart Austhof, Ken Jansen, B. Fortin, and Tom Gombar.


Individual prizes were awarded as follows:

Longest Drive – Hole #7 – Meredith Mosley

Closest to Pin – Hole #8 – Jeff Blackford

Closest to Pin – Hole #12 – Jim Rogers

Longest Drive – Hole # 13 – Morgan Atallah (actually won both long drives and had the option for which prize)

Longest Putt – Hole #17 – Megan Zapoli

Putting Contest – Phil Catalano

Chipping Contest – Everybody declined to chip – NO WINNER

50/50 for landing the ball on the green – Hole #15 – Frank Reed, (the guy in Purple) with National Gypsum.


Company sponsors are the life blood of our Scholarship Outing and they did another magnificent job of supporting this year’s event.  First off, as the golfers arrived to sign in, the Buffet Brunch was sponsored by Erhardt Construction.  The Putting and Chipping Contest was sponsored by Mull-It-Over.  The 6-Pack Beverage Bags were sponsored by Allegion.  The beverage cart, that always seemed to have perfect timing, was sponsored by Vapro Shield.  The Hole Sponsors were Altas AEP Insulation, BASF, Belden Brick, Commercial Roofing,  Foundation Bldg. Materials (new name for Home Acres Supply), Georgia Pacific,  Inpro Architectural Products, J2 Sales (Johns Manville), MWA – Firestone, National Gypsum,  Progressive AE , Selleck Architectural Products, Tremco, and Tubelite.  Some hole sponsors sponsored two (2) holes.  Several individuals also spent many hours helping to organize, set up, and physically man the various events throughout the day.  These folks are Erin Jackson (Allegion), Gregg Jones (C2AE), Gary Beimers (GB Consulting and Past CSI Institute Secretary), and finally Mr. Ed “Guido”  Avink, who made sure that deadlines were kept and that everybody was smiling when their pictures were taken.  OOPS – Oh, yeah, and don’t forget Jeff Murphy who has been coordinating this whole event for a couple of years now.


The following teams of golfers (and companies) participated in this year’s scholarship outing:


Team No.  Players                                  Gross Score

Team 1       Jay Boyd              Commercial Roofing                          58

Tony Clausen

Jeff Myers

Jody Smith



Team 2                                     Inpro

Ben Buter                                                                       51

Gregg Jones

Brad Hawkins

Bryan Miller


Team 3                                     MWA Firestone                                61

Charlie Appleby

Jeff Murphy

Megan Zapoli

Don Corrigan


Team 4                                     Atlas Roofing Insul.                        64

Corrine Mitrzyk

Scott Dudzinski

Matt Cawson

Paul DeKorte


Team 5                                     Rulon                                              71

Brandon Hatley

Matt Van Hekken

Jason Hzaynes

Andy Walenga


Team 6                                     Atas International                              60

Kevin Bush

Dan Hill

Jm Collins

Matt Tillbe


Team 7                                     FBM Sales                                       61

Phil Catalano

John Dykhouse

Tim Hendricks

Austin Bender


Team 8                                     Double O                                         55

Tom Ralya

Mike Otis

Randy Batch

Mike Stoffel


Team 9                                     Tubelite                                           60

Dan Goodman

Kim Hunt

Jeff Vilek

Wade Wilkey


Team 10                                   J2 Sales & Solutions                       52

J Costen

Tom Novakowski

Nate Bush

Tom Kaywood



Team 11                                   Tremco                                            55

Brad Hayden

Trent brisboe

Nick Hixon

Matt Brozowski


Team 12                                   Vapro Shield                                   63

Al Wiechert

Jim Rogers

Doug Stemler

Phil Johnson


Team 13                                   Select Products                               62

Bob Cronk

Jeff Blackford

Chris Orme

Ken Van Buskirk


Team 14                                   BASF                                               68

Justin DeMarco

Paul Fox           .

Meredith Mosely

Brad Walworth


Team 15                                   Builders Exchange                          56

Elizabeth Bovard

Brandon Marquioit

Glen Rahn

Eric Riha


Team 16                                   National Gypsum                             57

Frank Reed

Morgan Atallah

Gary Johnson

Jim Hojnacki


Team 17                                   Allegion                                           63

Tim Kaye

Pete DeJong

Dale Cammenga

Brian Welsh


Team 18                                   Erhardt                                            61

Stan Elenbaas

Terry Avink

Joe Kuhn

Brian Darling


Team 19                                   Belden Brick                                    73

Rob Loughlin

Paul Belden

Matt Slaggle

Ben Rambadt


Team 20                                   Selleck Architectural                       55

Dian Selleck

Curt Kerkstra

Dana Tran

Ryan Fuller



Team 21                                   Consumers Concrete                       55

Mike Grabowski

Bill Brunner

John Welsh

Mike Johnson.

Author: Christopher Alexander

Christopher is a registered Architect and Architectural Revit Coordinator at Progressive AE in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In addition to Revit and BIM, he dapples in web design, CSI, and enjoys spending time with his wife, 4-year-old, and 1-year-old.

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