Scholarship Golf Outing

Scholarship Golf Outing

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The weather warmed up briefly and the rain clouds stayed away for the day and 18 groups of golfers (71 total) had another wonderful day at Thornapple Pointe Golf Club for our annual Scholarship Golf Outing.  This year’s scholarship winners were able to spilt a little over $2000 between them.  The winners this year are 1) Audrey E. Hesson from Monroe, MI who is majoring in Architectural Technology at Ferris State University (FSU); 2) Cheyenne J. Liabenow from Greenville, MI who is majoring in Architecture at Ferris State University (FSU); and 3) Eric R. DeJong from Ada, MI who is majoring in Mechanical Engineering at Michigan Tech University (MTU) up north in Houghton, MI in the Upper Peninsula.  Of these three winners, only Eric was able to participate in this year’s outing.

Let me tell you a little about Thornapple Pointe Golf Club.  The golf course is sandwiched snugly between all of today’s modern age transportation modes – car, rail, air, and sea.  Well, I may be stretching it bit with the “sea” example, but you do have to admit, the Thornapple River eventually does run out to the ocean albeit several hundred miles away.  For cars, the highway interchange between two major highways (M-6 and I-96) is located a mere 200 yards beyond the 12th green.  For air, the landing approach for our Kent County Airport is directly above the fairways for holes 5, 6, 7, 11, 14, and 17.  The end of the main East/West Runway is about 1/2 mile from the fairway of Hole #11.  Commercial airliners are constantly flying overhead about another 200 yards above our heads.  For rail, the golf course is bisected between holes 2, 3, 6, 17, and 18 by the CSX Railroad.  Our golf carts must literally drive under the tunneled overpass while freight trains roll over the top not more than 10 feet above us.  For sea (river), the Thornapple River wraps around a point along holes 3, 4, 5, 12, 13, and 14.  Pontoon boats, fishing boats, and water skiers can be seen occasionally enjoying the cool water when the temperature is a little warmer than we had during this year’s outing.  The high temperature during the outing was a nice 65 degrees with very few cumulus clouds allowing a lot of sun to keep us comfortable.

There was a tie for low gross score (55) between Team 6 and Team 7.  The winner was determined by awarding the team with the best score on the No. 1 Handicap Hole (Hole 5).  Team 7 (B. Hayden, T. Brisboe, N. Bush, B. Cornell) had an Eagle on the 597 yard hole.  Team 6 (M. Hinton, S. Hinton, J. Saladino, and D. Dennis) also had a gross score of 55 which almost made them winners two years in a row except for the luck of an extra strip of Surveyor’s Tape.  Only one stroke back (56) was the Team 4 group (J. Hojnacki, M. Marks, and B. Buter).  What can I say, my team ran out of tape.  Ours was the only group which didn’t have a full foursome, so we had to alternate an extra shot between us on every hole.  With all due respect to all of this year’s attendees, NO TEAM SHOT OVER PAR.  All teams shot below par.


Individual prizes were awarded as follows:

Longest Drive Hole #7 – Tyler Godfrey

Longest Drive Hole #13 – Derek Dennis

Closest to Pin Hole #8 – Phil “Dr. STO” Catalano

Closest to Pin Hole # 12 – Ron Dutoi

Longest Putt Hole #17 – Jeff Murphy

Putting Contest – Ben Cornell

Chipping Contest – Trent Brisboe

50/50 for landing the ball on the green Hole #15 – Spencer Hinton


Company sponsors did another magnificent job of supporting this year’s scholarship outing.  Allegion, Tubelite, Progressive AE, Monsma Marketing, MWA-Firestone, Henry, Mull-It-Over Products and Vaproshield.

Hole sponsors included:

Georgia Pacific DensDeck (2), Altas EPS Insulation, Progressive AE (2), VaproShield (2), Midwest Sign Co., IFMA – Int’l. Facilities Mgrs. Assoc., Advanced Architectural Products, SMART CI, J2 Sales, Inpro Architectural Products, Belden Brick, Tremco Corp., Foundation Bldg. Materials, Tubelite, and MWA – Firestone.



The following teams of golfers (and companies) participated in this year’s scholarship outing:

Teams      Names                  Company                          Gross Score

Team 1       Pete DeJong           Monsma Marketing                    60

Jeff Murphy            Progressive AE

Dale Cammenga      Progressive AE

Eric DeJong            Scholarship Winner


Team 2       Chas, Appleby        MWA-Firestone                          59

Joe Owinga             Straightline Sheet Metal Co.

Don Corrigan           Straightline Sheet Metal Co.

Eric Biller                Progressive AE


Team 3       C. Mitrzyk               Atlas Roofing                            61

Tyler Godfrey

Kevin Hallett

  1. Wesseldyke


Team 4       Jim Hojnacki           Emeritus                                   56

Mike Marks             Spectrum Lanes/Woodys

Ben Buter                Inpro Arch. Products


Team 5       Mike Otis                Double O Supply                       61

Bob Tebos              Double O Supply

Randy Balch           Jeld-Wen Windows & Doors

Mike Stoffel            Jeld-Wen Windows & Doors


Team 6       Mickey Hinton         FFE Transportation Co.             55

Spencer Hinton       FFE

Joey Saladino         Kent County Sheriff Dept.

Derek Dennis          FFE


Team 7       Brad Hayden           Tremco Inc.                               55* Winner (Eagle on No. 1 HDCP Hole)

Trent Brisboe          Tremco

Nate Bush               Weathershield Roofing Sys.

Ben Cornell             Weathershield Roofing Sys.


Team 8       Lee Templin            Ferris State Univ.                      63

Bob Eastley            Ferris

Suzanne Miller        Ferris

Paul Long               Ferris


Team 9       J. Costen                J2 Sales Solutions                    59

Kevin Clausen         Great Lakes Systems

Kyle Clausen           Great Lakes Systems

Tony Clausen          Great Lakes Systems


Team 10     B Hatley                  Rulon                                        66

M VanHekken

D Moomey

J Haynes


Team 11     Dan Goodman        Tubelite Doors & Windows         61

Kim Hunt                 Tubelite

Jeff Vliek                Battle Creek Glass Co.

Wade Wilke            Battle Creek Glass Co.


Team 12     Elizabeth Bovard     WM Builders Exchange              70

Glenn Rahn             Retail Design Concepts

Wayne Bickel          Jeffrey Parker Architects

Gary Johnson         Tower Pinkster Titus


Team 13     Craig Harmon          Mapei                                        63

Nathan Root           Daltile

Bob Irvine               Irving Carpet & Tile

Dave Irvine              Irving Carpet & Tile


Team 14     Phil Catalano           Sto EIFS Stucco Systems          63

John Dykhouse       Bouma Corp.

Jeff Moomey          Bouma Corp.

Austin Bender         Bouma Corp


Team 15     Mike Teisma            Midwest Sign Co.                      62

Lou Northouse        Soils & Materials Engrs.

Ryan Dykhouse       Dykhouse Construction Co.

Matt Bostelaar         Bosco Plumbing


Team 16     Kevin Bush             ATAS International                     70

Jim Collins              C2AE

Dan Hill                   Progressive AE

Matt Tibbe              GMB Design


Team 17     Erin Gross              Allegion                                     69

Gregg Jones           C2AE

Henry Hondorp       Progressive AE

Rick Wheeler           Allegion


Team 18     Tim Kaye                Allegion                                     71

Buddy Huyler          Tower Pinkster Titus

Ron Dutoi               Allegion

Phil Southland         Kingscott Arch. Design

Author: Christopher Alexander

Christopher is a registered Architect and Architectural Revit Coordinator at Progressive AE in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In addition to Revit and BIM, he dapples in web design, CSI, and enjoys spending time with his wife, 4-year-old, and 1-year-old.

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