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URBANEER™ is liberating space by merging innovative design strategies with a unique ecosystem of versatile, integrated products that can be re-configured and are responsive to changing needs, day by day, or minute by minute. URBANEER’s configurable systems can change an average room into a dynamic space that supports the way people live, work, heal and learn. The result—the next generation of spaces that are unique and highly adaptable environments designed to function efficiently, flexibly, beautifully.

URBANEER’s mission is to use technology to transform the way people design, build, and manage space. URBANEER has developed a product ecosystem that includes movable walls, Murphy beds, kitchens, built-in cabinetry, and more. These products are supported with in-house space-optimization expertise and project management. All of this enables URBANEER to deliver institutional and private clients spaces that are more beautiful, intelligent, and economical than conventional solutions.

The first 20 years of Bruce Thompson’s career was focused commercializing technology to solve a range of industry challenges from logistics to fashion, design and homeland security. He worked in both start-ups and multi-national companies.

Bruce and his wife and have had the opportunity to move 15 times – 5 states and 3 countries – in 31 years. This has helped him to learn first-hand how space needs are changing and develop a belief that our society is in the midst of a once in a century shift that will dramatically transform our entire built environment in the decades ahead. 

Bruce’s work today builds on this theme with a focus on innovating the spaces where we live, work, play, learn and heal. Recently he co-founded and launched URBANEER, a space-optimization start-up in partnership with Rockford Construction.

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