Chapter Bylaws; Article V, Section 3:

The Secretary shall see that notices are sent at least seven days in advance of all meetings of the board and of the Chapter and keep accurate minutes thereof. The Secretary shall maintain a file of all correspondence; keep a roster of members and committees; co-sign all agreements and formal instruments, except those pertaining to the office of the Treasurer; and submit a report of office at the annual meeting of the Chapter.   The Secretary shall perform other duties as assigned by the board.  The Secretary shall serve for a term of two years, expiring in odd numbered years, or until a successor is elected.”


  • Two years; elected opposite years of the Chapter Treasurer.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Governing member of the Chapter, upholding the bylaws and mission of the Chapter
  • Prepare for monthly chapter board meetings – notify board members of upcoming meetings; request agenda items, committee and financial reports; prepare board meeting packets.
  • Record monthly chapter board meeting minutes; submit to Communications Director for inclusion in website.
  • Submit annual election results to Institute.
  • Receive, distribute, and answer all chapter correspondence.
  • Maintain a permanent file of all chapter correspondence, membership records, meeting minutes, committee reports, rosters, and newsletters.

Additional Responsibilities: 

  • Attendance to monthly Chapter Board Meetings (9-10 annually).
  • You are a member of the Chapter Executive Committee (Chapter President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer). 
  • You are encouraged to attend the annual Great Lakes Regional Conferences for leadership training.

Recommended Skills: 

  • Communications and organization
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook
  • Go-to-Meeting
  • Familiar with Roberts Rules of Order
  • Will be instructed in knowledge and access to Institute (CSI) leadership systems