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September 2020

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How to CSI Like A Pro – September 24, 2020 5pm-8pm @ Vander Mill

Ed Avink, CSI, CDT, CCS

Continuing EdA word from our President & Certification Chair

CSI GR: Presidents Message

Welcome back to the new CSI Grand Rapids 2020-2021 calendar year.

I am serving as the CSI Grand Rapids Chapter president this year.

It has been a very strange time for the owners, design professionals, product representatives, constructors, suppliers and all who have a part in our construction industry. We all have become experts at working remotely, keeping our distance, and have made face masks everyday PPE (personal protection equipment). We are entering building and sites with QR readers to help track our contacts and have taken our temperature daily to prove we are healthy. We meet on-line and probably have several different ways of connecting for virtual meetings. We have had conferences canceled or held as virtual events. (I hope you took part in the CSI Great Lakes Region Virtual conference. The Cincinnati Chapter did a great job making it happen.)

But what do we do now at a chapter level? As the 2020 recipient of the OCC (Outstanding Chapter Commendation) from the Institute, it is our job as chapter leadership to live up to those standards and to receive the OCC again in 2021.

The CSI Grand Rapids Board of Directors and Committees goal is to provide value to the membership.
We need to have some sort of kickoff event this year that is safe but, yes, IN PERSON, if you are willing and able. We are having our September member meeting, marketed as How to CSI Like a Pro.Please RSVP to the invitation already sent to the chapter, both to your phone as a text and in your email (or here).
We also have several Chapter Programs already in the works that are lined up for this fall but the ‘how’ is tricky.

We cannot wait to see you and reconnect face to face (ish). Please be aware that when we meet, we are being fully compliant with the Coronavirus restrictions:
All public meetings will be wearing face masks unless eating or drinking, gatherings will be 6 feet apart for social distancing, use of hand sanitizer, avoiding contact with eyes, nose, and mouth. And, if you feel sick or have temperature, please do not attend. All meetings will require preregistration, 6 feet apart seating and have limited attendance due to the COVID restriction. We are committed to providing meaningful professional CSI events during this time of ‘new normal’.

We hope to see you at our In Person meeting for the FY 2021 kick-off.


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Ben Buter, CSI

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